The best part of any journey is the warm light of the tavern, the smell of hot bread, and the welcome chill of a cold beer.

I did not frequent bars when I was in my 20’s – familial alcohol problems made them very unattractive – but as I’ve grown older I’ve taken a liking to the occasional bar we’ve found ourselves in. I don’t drink much but I do enjoy a good cider (and if there’s Rekorderlig or Asahi around I’m getting into that) and there is a lot to like about small, quiet, comfortable bars.

Bar Food is another thing entirely. Sometimes Bar Food is the most attractive, most horrendously bad-for-you-but-I-don’t-care food in the world.

I don’t know if I’ve found a place like that yet, honestly, but I’d love to have a quiet beer or two, some fried pickles, and draw in the company of like-minded patrons.